Animal Hospital of Heath

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"This hospital is dedicated to our patients, whose loving, loyal and engaging personalities enrich our lives, fill our hearts and constantly inspire us to provide the best veterinary medical care possible."


209 Laurence Rd.
Heath, TX 75032
Phone 972/772-0040
Fax 972-502-9987

Hours of Operation

We are open:
8:00 AM - 5:30 PM M-F

We are closed:
Saturdays | Sundays

The Animal Hospital of Heath takes great pride in the wonderful people and animals we get to greet everyday. We'd love to get to know you and meet your furry friend as well. So, if you're in the area, please drop in to see us or call us at 972-772-0040. We'd love to show you around.

Your First Appointment - You'll Never Feel Rushed

Welcome to Animal Hospital of Heath and thank you for considering us to be a partner is your pet's healthcare! 

Your first visit will be scheduled for 60 minutes.  This is double the length of most other veterinary offices because we want to ensure you have ample time to have your questions answered and to work together with our veterinarians to create a health plan tailored to your pet.  We know every pet is different and we treat them as individuals, with no "standard" plan that everyone is lumped into.  We never want you, or your pet, to feel rushed.  

Low-stress handling Facility

We are a low-stress handling facility, which means we will never hold down your dog or scruff your cat.  We take our time with each appointment to ensure that your furry friend has an experience that will leave them wanting to come back for more!  One bad veterinary visit can set the tone for their whole future, making it difficult for you and for the pet to seek medical attention when needed.  

A Tail-wagging Visit

If you are coming for wellness vaccines and exam, your pet will enjoy cheese during vaccinations and various distraction techniques that will prevent them from noticing they have been poked.  We have had numerous clients say how surprised they were that their dog, who normally has a melt down at the vet, wagged his tail the entire time and never noticed us doing the "medical part".  

We are so excited to meet you and your furry family member and look forward to having you join our AHH family!

Making Reservations

While reservations can always be made by phone, some people find it more convenient to schedule their pet's visits online. Just click on the "Schedule Appointment" menu tab at the top of any page on this site, and select which type of appointment you'd like to make. Once completed, click "submit" and we'll contact you with your appointment date and time. It's that simple!