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"This hospital is dedicated to our patients, whose loving, loyal and engaging personalities enrich our lives, fill our hearts and constantly inspire us to provide the best veterinary medical care possible."


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Why not spoil your dog with a treatment in Animal Hospital of Heath’s luxurious Grooming Salon where we turn even the messiest companions into pampered pets.

With 26 years of dog and cat grooming experience, our pet groomer, Kerri Jones knows how to treat your pet to paradise. And with our new super-quick turnaround for dogs, you can drop your pooch off in the morning and by noon she’ll come out looking like the Diva she truly is.

In addition to a professional groom and refreshing bath, a visit to Animal Hospital of Heath’s Grooming Salon comes backed by the comfort of knowing that your pet will be kept in a safe, friendly atmosphere and never exposed to unvaccinated animals. In addition, veterinarians are on staff should your pet need medical attention while staying with us. Or better yet, if your pet has a medical concern or just needs a regular check-up, why not combine the visit and schedule a spa treatment as well?

The typical spa treatment includes:

  • Quick turn-around for dog bath and grooms - drop off first thing in the morning, usually finished by noon. *Pets requesting medical services in addition to groom may take longer. You will be called when your pet is ready for pick-up.
  • Ear cleansing, nail trim, and anal gland expressions.
  • We offer specialty shampoos formulated specifically for pet coats, as well as whitening, brightening, de-shedding, and de-skunking treatments.

But why stop there? Give your furry friend that sassy look with the optional application of nail polish or colorful hair dye.

After a treatment at Animal Hospital of Heath’s Pet Spa and Beauty Boutique, there’s no such thing as a bad hair day!

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